What your need to buy a property in Spain?

Of the people who should be listed in the deed to the property in Spain you need:

  • Valid Passport
  • Numero de Identificación the extranjeros (NIE) This is a social security for foreign in Spain. One can apply for NIE numbers either at the police station to the Policia Nacional in Benidorm, the "immigration office" in Altea or the Spanish Embassy in Oslo. At Policia Nacional in Benidorm you get issued NIE nr ca. 5-7 business days after having filed the application. Applications may only be submitted in person. At the Spanish Embassy in Oslo, it can take up to three months before the application is granted.
  • Spanish bank account. This one you need in relation to contracts for water, electricity, or gas, IBI (property taxes) and other local taxes.

Notary Spain mediation SL will of course help you with filling in forms and can also follow you to the above offices in Spain if desired.

Thomas Marthin Gils

Tel. +34 699 45 85 99
Anders Viste

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Lene Silden

Tel. +34 607 882 534
Antoine Kees

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Solveig Viste

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Valerie Verkest

Tel. +34 655 011 657
Stig Totland

Tel. +34 670 454 330