Sales Property process in Spain

Every sales process starts with an assessment of the property. The process consists of marketing, viewing, bidding, contract writing and eventually take over.

1. Valuation

In a valuation will representative of Notar Spania SL brokerage come to your home and assess the market value of your property. It"s also when you are selling you will have a dialogue with the broker about the services you will be able to take advantage of in the sales process.

The brokers will leave a quote for our services. These must carefully go through and see which broker you can trust and who you think has the best products and the conditions for achieving the best price for your property. Take into account what the broker can offer you a whole - and what you feel is the right product and service for you. And not least: Which broker you feel most comfortable with.

After you have decided on the broker you use, it"s time to start planning the sale process. Notar Spania SL mediation will help you in the sales process. Not only that it will be easier for you - but also because we will help you getting the sale price as high as possible.

Notar Spania SL brokerage will get the necessary information from the municipality, tax office, banks, basic and business manager. We will arrange valuation / property sales report, photographer and connects into any stylist if desired. The inspection performed by a licensed appraiser, and is used among other things for us to find errors and issues that you might want to improve. And not least, the seller disclosure on matters he knows and that he "should have known". The purchase of housing is therefore a condition report of the key documents.

2. Marketing

The goal of mediation Notar Spania SL is , together with you, to tailor a marketing package that best suits your particular residence.

Before we begin marketing your home, we investigate whether there is a need for measures that help to highlight the qualities of the property. As a rule, it is about inexpensive and simple measures that can have major effects. Notar Spania SL mediation has contact with both photographers, builders and stylists who can help make your home even more attractive when it should be presented to potential buyers.

Notar Spania SL mediation offers a variety of marketing channels.

Notar Spania SL own website,, is an effective and well attended marketing channel. Furthermore advertised properties on and other Spanish and foreign websites.

Notar Spania SL office property exposed in the exhibition. The brokers are also active to contact registered stakeholders who are looking for homes in specific geographic areas. This type of monitoring has great effect, as stakeholders have clearly defined what properties they are looking for. Notar Spania SL mediation has a tradition of being innovative in their marketing and have had good effect of being groundbreaking in several areas. All these marketing measures are taken so that your display will be as well attended as possible.

3. View

View is the best opportunity you have to show off the property in a comprehensive and accurate manner. This is where you can make to give buyers the right impression, answer questions and where you as a buyer get ideas and information that will help you take a decision on whether you are in a betting round or not.

The most important of view is that the customer gets the opportunity to see home and study it carefully. For the seller, this means that there must be some work ahead of view. It"s about that property generally appears in a fine condition and in a representative manner. Little touches like fresh flowers, colors, new fabrics and similar measures are not particularly expensive, but that can have a positive impact. In other contexts it may be appropriate to more costly measures. This is still small details, which one obtains again the outlay of the sale of the property.

Notar Spania SL mediation brokers have extensive experience selling homes. They are well prepared so that they can present the property as well as possible for display.

4. Rounds

Bidding is the part of the sales process that is most exciting for most. Notar Spania SL brokerage keeps regular contact with those involved.

When you get a bid you are satisfied with, from those who are in the bidding, we close the sale.

5. Contract Writing

When betting action is completed, there are two major things that remain in the sales process: Contract writing and takeover.

The contract is the document that governs everything in the sales process, while acquisition is the surrender of the property to the new owners. These are important processes such as Notar Spania SL mediation helps with.

Upon acceptance of the bid, enter into an agreement and the contract becomes a formalization of what was agreed. For that all information should be communicated and understood correctly held that contract meeting in our office. Where meet the seller, buyer and broker, and go through the whole contract. It includes articles about how much to pay, when due, who is buying, who"s selling, when it should be the acquisition and other conditions that must be met.

When all parties are aware of the contract"s content, and it is checked that everything is correct, the buyer and seller under. Notar Spania SL brokerage assists both the seller and the buyer, so that everyone knows what is needed for the sale to go through.

6. Takeover

Takeover occurs in the Notary Public. It is in this process that the property actually changes ownership. Before the takeover, all terms that include contract be fulfilled, so that no obstacles remain. The purchase price paid by the buyer, the broker"s client or directly to the seller"s account, upon takeover.

Before selling the property to deliver, the property has to be washed down and ready for occupation for the new owner. You may contact Notar Spain SL mediation if you want to get in contact with people who can help with washdown and / or moving. Notar Spania SL mediation has a wide and extensive network.

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